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Charlene Grabowski, General Manager, GE Healthcare - retired

Charlene Grabowski

When we were evaluating companies to assist us with our coaching and leadership program at GEHC, we assessed many organizations and products. We kept coming back to Marilyn Thiet and her solution that was customized to meet our needs. She was willing to adapt her work to meet our competency model and growth traits. She is an industry expert, a competent Learning and Development Consultant, and a person of integrity. She will always be considered for our training needs.

Kimberly Kleiman-Lee Leader, Sr Executive Development GE Corporate L & D

Kimberly Kleiman-Lee

Tricia and the team at EDGE Performance Acceleration are fantastic partners in working on our Executive Leadership Development Programs! Tricia is smart, quick, professional, and can cut through bureaucracy. She works with very little direction and pulls me in as needed. Her work included the creation of iBooks for our various executive programs, production of an employee donation portal, research of potential charities and missions, remote management of scheduled service work, design of a Communication plan, and documentation of all key processes for our international programs. Tricia's management of this complex project was flawless. I can't thank her enough for sharing her talents with us.

Kevin Donovan, former Executive VP Fusion Sales Partners

Kevin Donovan

At Fusion Sales Partners, Marilyn was able to quickly assess our competency needs and develop an overall training strategy. She then was able to drive strategy execution, accelerating the ramp up of our new hires and development of our veteran team. Our Quick Start program enabled us to improve new rep productivity and drive business growth.

Paul J. Mirabella, former Chairman and CEO Naviscan

Paul Mirabella

Marilyn was hired as a project manager on a contract basis to lead a geographically and culturally diverse group of engineers, clinical applications personnel, physicians, and marketing managers in the development of a critically important clinical option enabling a small secondary tumor to be biopsied using PET image guidance. Although this was, to say the least, a challenging program to begin with, Marilyn was able to successfully navigate through a variety of antagonistic personalities and uncompromising positions and lead us to a successful product introduction and FDA clearance. This would have been exceptionally challenging for a direct employee. The fact that Marilyn was able to lead this program (across 4 times zones) from a contract position speaks volumes about her program management skills, diplomacy, work ethic, and commitment to results. Marilyn enjoys her work, never allows herself to be limited by any obstacle, responds constructively to any and all challenges, and is clearly passionate about both the quality and effectiveness of her results.

(Ms.) Tucker Miller, Esq., AVP Client Consulting, ELI, Inc.

Tucker Miller

Marilyn is a highly competent, ethical, and forthright professional who puts at the heart of all that she does her passion for excellence and action. I have had the pleasure to work with Marilyn over the last year, experiencing her as colleague, coach, facilitator, and sales strategist. In every role, she has provided candid and direct feedback, as well as sharing generously of herself and her broad experience. Without hesitation, I would recommend Marilyn to companies and individuals looking to optimize performance. Importantly, Marilyn works effectively with members at every level of the organization, garnering trust, and providing support and vision.

Ken Smith, VP Sales and Service, BC Technical


I knew that our company needed to improve some of the skill sets of our sales and service teams. While I had ideas on what I thought we needed, once I contacted Marilyn Thiet of EDGE she was able to help me analyze the situation and more accurately assess our needs. Marilyn and her partners were able to implement training programs for both our service and sales teams that hit the mark on the changes we needed to make. After the training, EDGE has continued to stay with us and has continued to reinforce the learning through bi-weekly email touches. We have received feedback from our team as to how the continued reinforcement has kept what was learned in front of them, allowing them to continue to work on their developmental needs.

Dean Johnson, Executive Vice President of Sales, Kindred Healthcare


I have been extremely impressed with the outcomes of our engagements with Marilyn and EDGE Performance Acceleration. This is the second organization I have worked with Marilyn on improving our leaders’ skill sets and her approach and expertise has had a meaningful positive impact on both. As a result, we recently hired EDGE to work with my other division’s leadership teams and are experiencing similar favorable results. EDGE has become an integral part of leadership development within our organization.

Stephen M. Paskoff, Esq. President and CEO ELI, Inc.

Stephen Paskoff

Marilyn Thiet has been a trusted advisor to ELI for the past 4 years. We engaged EDGE Performance Acceleration to help us analyze our sales structure, our processes, and our staffing configuration. We were facing a market, which was rapidly changing, and we needed to adapt how we sold to best serve current and prospective clients. Marilyn took the time to understand our business, our culture, our practices, and our teams. She helped us adapt to internal and external business challenges working with our leadership team and also individual contributors. She has demonstrated competence, credibility, intelligence, and wise business and leadership judgment. She is an extraordinarily competent and devoted professional. Marilyn’s work has helped us reinvigorate our sales processes and team and as a result, grow our business. We are appreciative of Marilyn’s work and look forward to her continued advisory role with our firm.

Cristy Henson, Director Learning and Development, Aesynt

Cristy Henson

Marilyn and the team from EDGE Performance Acceleration was instrumental in developing a leadership program for our Sales Leaders, that incorporated a new competency model and helped them embrace new techniques and best practices. Marilyn’s experience with coaching and leadership programs were a great fit for our organization and her willingness to customize the program to fit our culture really impacted the adoption of the program. We have had so much success with her sessions, we are continuing to expand out scope of work throughout our organization as our Executive Leadership Team views this work as a best practice.
Marilyn is not only an industry expert, a competent Learning and Development Consultant, but also someone who is committed to excellence and the end result of her client’s success, and is not afraid to take risks and challenge her own programs to meet their requirements.