Strategy Development and Execution

A well designed, executable strategic plan is a critical component to bringing alignment and vision to your organization. Such a plan will make sure your leaders and teams are making the right decisions daily to enable attainment of your vision.

EDGE will facilitate you through a process that allows you to set a clear vision, assess your external and internal environment, determine your key strategic initiatives to reach your vision and then create an actionable plan for executing on your initiatives. EDGE will then work with you through the execution of the plan with yearly reassessments of both the internal and external environments which will allow you to keep your strategic plan relevant in a dynamic market.

To learn more about the processes employed, or success stores, please call 414-807-7877 or contact EDGE Performance Acceleration here.

Mark Melzer

"Marilyn has been working as a consultant and advisor with our family owned distribution business for over 5 years. She has provided help with executive coaching, strategic planning, team dynamics, and projects associated with our sales and customer service teams. She has taken time to understand our business and build trust within the organization. She focuses on helping us improve our outcomes and truly cares about the success of our business."

- Mark Melzer, President, Nassco Inc.